LogForce™ is a new software service for forestry industry transport.

With the LogForce™ software service, the haulage contractor can plan and manage the transport of logs, forest energy, chips and other by-products of the forest industry from the starting depot to the location of use. The software service covers all the planning and vehicle software that the haulage contractor needs. With the help of the LogForce™ service, a transport company can offer its services to several forestry companies using one information system.

To use the service, you just need a data terminal with an Internet browser, for example a laptop or a vehicle PC.

Key functionalities

  • Resource information management
  • Full capacity management
  • Transport order handling from the forestry company
  • Transport planning and scheduling
  • Stock management
  • Map functionality
  • Cargo execution

Other features of the LogForce™ service:

  • Transport software
  • Messaging
  • Message log
  • Starting depot transfer and weighing
  • Starting depot information change request
  • Combining loads
  • Load scale log and calibration
  • Transport reports